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Big Thinkin'

Only take advice from people who are living a life you would want to live. Do not soak up wisdom from someone who is too scared to go after their own dreams. Comfort zones smother big ideas.

Find the beauty in disappointing people. You don’t have to be liked. You won’t be liked. That’s a fact. We are not meant for everyone. And that is beautiful. The thought that we are designed, flaws and all, to mix with some people, and to be foreign to others. Like water and oil. Refusing to take up the same space.

Isn’t it so refreshing to let the opinions of others roll off your back? Even if you have to fabricate your indifference. Until one day you don’t. You wake up and realize the world IS actually lighter without the weight of others opinions.

I wonder at what age the "I don't care" magic takes hold . It isn’t 34. But I’ll fake it until I make it, because even pretending not to care feels better than the people pleasing.

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