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Here We Grow Again

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I'm pregnant with our third baby, and most of the people in our life have no idea. I am in no rush to to share the news. Instead I am enjoying this moment. Since this is my third baby I am well aware of how fast pregnancy goes by, and I want to soak up every second. I will only be a mom of two for nine more short months. I refuse to let any outsider opinions damper this exciting time for the Girard family. I've come to realize the third baby brings mixed reviews. The opinions are even louder when a family already has one boy and one girl, as we do. I don't care if the modern social norm is two or less children. I picture my life with three kids. We have been talking about adding another child to our family for a year, and everybody has something to say about it. A family friend (who has no children) responded with, "You don't want to over populate the planet.". My mother, who is recently divorced, is worried I would not be able to take care of three children alone if my marriage failed. Gee Ma, thanks for the good energy ( I know she means well. You don't stop worrying about your babies even when they are almost thirty.). Countless people have said the typical, " You're gonna have your hands full.". Just one second, you do know we already have two kids, right? We are well aware of what we are getting ourselves into. It fascinates me how many people think their opinion on our family size matters. Excuse me Debra, I was not asking you IF we should have three kids. I'm telling you we are having three kids. Are you paying to feed my children? Will it be you up during all hours of the night breastfeeding an infant? Will it be you fighting monsters under your toddlers bed? No. So mind your damn business. If you have nothing nice to say about a family of five then keep on moving.

I am excited for all parts of this new adventure. For the next nine months I have an excuse to eat all the ice-cream and chicken wings I want. Nobody rolls their eyes when I take a nap because I am growing a human. Suddenly going to bed at 6:30 pm is totally acceptable. I cannot wait to see the look on our little boy's face when he feels his little brother or sister kick for the first time. The rush you feel holding your new newborn is indescribable tho those who have never experienced it. There is nothing like holding your baby for the first time. I can't wait to smell our newborn, because we all know the only thing that smells better than puppy breath is a newborn baby, especially when he/she is OUR newborn baby. I am looking forward to my husband sleeping with his hand on my belly (yes, he does this for the entire nine months), even if I know I'll be pushing him away by the time the third trimester rolls around. It is so fun adding baby names to a growing name list. It is even more fun to see what the kids want to name Baby G. We will not pick a baby name until our new addition is in our arms, because we are not finding out the sex of Baby G. Why? Because it is the surprise of a lifetime! Sorry, I'm not sorry, this makes baby shopping more difficult for you. Since we are on the topic of baby shopping... do not buy us anything.. We do not need it. We already have two kids, remember?

Our six year old daughter, Saylor, is a naturally nurturing little girl. I cannot wait to witness this pregnancy through her eyes. When her brother, Hendrix, was born she was only two years old. She occasionally snuggled my pregnant belly, but she could not yet grasp the full idea of a new sibling. This time, like mom and dad, she now knows what she is getting into. She is already talking about newborn clothes, where baby G is going to sleep in the tent, and all the things she is going to do with the new baby. Every time she mentions Baby G my heart explodes.

Hendrix on the other hand is in for a rude awakening when the third baby arrives. He has been the baby of the family for three years. He takes his "baby" role seriously. I am the oldest child in my family, and I think a younger sibling will do our slightly spoiled baby boy some good. He will thank us when he is a well rounded adult with great relationship skills. He will be four when baby G arrives, and it'll teach him a little independence before he heads to Pre-K the following fall. Even little man will love having another Girard in the house to snuggle, and eventually argue with.

My personal goal for this pregnancy is to not give a damn. I give all sorts of damns about the three people under our roof, and the fetus in my belly. If you do not live in the Girard house, and you are not the fetus in my belly, you are not on my radar. I say that with love, kinda. Really it's more of a disclosure. Sorry If I am coming across blunt. Its not the pregnancy hormones, its just me.

We climbed Tumbledown Mountain last week. I was pregnant , and we didn't know it.

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