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Time > Money

I am proud to live a slow life. I want no part of hustle culture. Y'all can have it. There is not a person on this planet who can drag me back across that line. I unsubscribe from it all.

We need money to survive in this society. Duh. I participate in the game as much as I have to, but not a second more. I have worked hard to create an identity beyond my "job". I've had a career. I hated every second of it. Consistently still, I work to detach my worth from productivity.

Anyways! Since we live differently than most people they sometimes assume we don't want to work. When we tell people that we're workampers (employees who trade their time for a campsite and wage) they have one of two reactions:

  1. Why?! Why would we choose "low skill level" work? What they want to say is, "Why would you quit your careers to scrub shitters and live in a small space with three kids?". Usually these people can't hide the fact that they think we're crazy. Nine times out of ten, they have Zero poker face.

  2. They get it. They understand the financial benefit of living where we work, our values, freedom associated with the schedule, outdoor space, time with the kids, etc.

There is never an in-between. You either get it or you don't. And I don't have the energy or time to explain it to people. I get a strange sense of enjoyment out of watching people who are puzzled by our lifestyle.

People choose to own less because life with less gives us freedom. Financial freedom and physical freedom. Living smaller and owning less makes a paycheck go further. Physically, if you own less stuff... you're cleaning less stuff, and maintaining less stuff. Naturally, you have more time.

And time is something a lot of my peers don't have. All around me, in real life and online, I see people doing their damn best. People spending every second of their day in "go mode". We're treating our minds and bodies like machines. When in reality, we are humans who need rest. Keeping us tired and stressed benefits the man.

My point being, when Americans meet someone typically we ask something along the lines, "what do you do?". We mean "What do you do for money? How do you pay your bills?". We are not asking, "How do you spend your time?". Do you paint? Read? Etc.

Consumerism and capitalism have such a firm grip on us, we forget how to exist. Simply exist. We're on a spinning rock, let's stop taking ourselves so seriously. Let's stop over complicating life.

I'm no expert, but I think we can all benefit from consuming a little less and unsubscribing from something. I don't mean your Ipsy bag (or maybe I do 😝). I mean...

what is one thing you do every week that you hate? Stop doing it.

Contrary to popular belief... Your child doesn't have to be in an activity (or ten) every season. He/she will be fine, I promise. If it isn't a "Hell Yes" than it is a "no, thank you". The world will not crumble, I promise.

Take your time back. Time is power, after all. The man knows that, that's why we are all exchanging our time for stuff. Stuff that lines their pockets.

Own less. Spend less. Work less.

Live more.

Love and light, Babes.


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